MORGAN’S CEREAL BAR is a place where anyone can come and enjoy a bowl of your favorite hot or cold cereal with any toppings of your choice. We have many other items that include cereal on the menu. Home of the “Famous Cereal Infused Waffle!!!!

MORGAN’S CEREAL BAR, located at 320 east avenue, is the brainchild of life-long Rochester resident Cheria Anderson. While in London attending the Olympics, she stumbled upon a cereal bar and was inspired and determined to operate her own one day. Similar travel experiences to New York City further fueled her desire. Cheria has always been a cereal lover and especially enjoyed finding prizes in cereal boxes as a child. The name, Morgan’s Cereal Bar, is inspired by her grandmother and goddaughter who shares the same name.

As a graduate of school of the arts and Monroe Community College, Cheria often sought out places to experience unique social outings/events. MORGAN’S CEREAL BAR addresses this desire with a professional and friendly environment. Community members of all ages can come and enjoy their favorite cereals and cereal-infused cuisine as a part of their dining experience. MORGAN’S CEREAL BAR is available for rental, for personal, and professional events.

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